The cover of the book.


I worked closely with the renowned hedge fund manager Guy Spier to help him write his much-praised memoir, The Education of a Value Investor, which Palgrave Macmillan published in 2014. called it "the most interesting investment book this year," and The Financial Times praised it as "highly readable." 

In the Acknowledgments section of the book, Spier generously discusses my role in creating the book, explaining: "What I thought would be light edits to the final draft quickly turned into a major collaboration entailing heavy revision and entire rewrites of every chapter in record time. Your compulsive dedication to making the text the very best that it can be, no matter what the cost, has improved the book beyond my wildest expectations.

My own writing tends to come out in eddies, not to mention the occasional wild vortex. You, on the other hand, know how to put sentences and paragraphs together beautifully and in such a way that makes them a joy to read. Your sense of narrative structure has shaped each and every chapter, ensuring that they had a beginning, middle and end, not to mention a payoff for the reader.

More important, perhaps, through your rich knowledge of the subject matter of the book, as well as of me, you were able to question me deeply. To push me to complete half-finished thoughts and help me to surface ideas that I could not quite figure out how to express. Even more impressive has been your regular capacity to sense intuitively what I was reaching for and also put that into words.

This experience gave me the privilege of being able to learn more about writing from a master of the craft, and it leaves me with a new-found understanding and respect for what great writers and editors do. I am deeply grateful to you for having directed your talents towards me and this book for several intense months in Zurich, Klosters, Greenwich, Shavei Tzion, and New York.

But perhaps the greatest reward of this collaboration has been the deeper friendship with you. To discover and enjoy your wicked sense of humor (including your gleeful derision when I repeatedly spelled the word "the" as "teh"!), and by way of your introduction to the Kabbalah, to discover new gates through which to connect with the universal wisdom of the cosmos.

Thanks also to your wife, Lauren. And to your children, Henry and Madeleine: I'm grateful to you for sharing your father's time with me. It was your temporary loss, but a permanent gain for me and the reader."